WLBL Mission

UpdatedSaturday June 26, 2021 byRandy James.

About Us

For over forty five years Western Loudoun Basketball League (WLBL) has provided an excellent opportunity for boys and girls to learn about and enjoy the wonderful game of basketball.   WLBL is a not-for-profit organization providing a fun, safe, recreational environment to play basketball for the youth of Western Loudoun County. WLBL is both an instructional and competitive youth basketball league intended for the enjoyment of the game of basketball for all level of players.

WLBL's main objective is to instill a love for the game into every player that participates.

  • We challenge those that are competitive to become the best they can be within their ability.
  • We encourage those players that enjoy learning, to absorb as much as WLBL has to offer.
  • We desire those that are just beginning the sport to have a long lasting love and appreciation for the game.
  • We hope each player that participates will remember this experience for the remainder of their lives.
  • Love the Game
    • Leverage our Volunteers to Grow the Sport
    • Open our Youth to the Love of the Game
    • Victory is when our players develop their skills game
    • Energize our Parents, and Players to respect the game

The Western Loudoun Basketball League exists to enable the youth in the community to learn, grow, and develop skills via basketball competition by playing on their neighborhood teams. The main objective is to promote sportsmanship, integrity, and fairness that serves the best interests of the overall majority of the children who participate in our program.

WLBL Established 1975

  • Previous Presidents:
    • Jim Kane 
    • Louis Saunders
    • Don Rose
    • Matt Pinkston
    • Derek Irelan
    • Randy James Current