UpdatedTuesday January 5, 2021 byRandy James.

2020 PRCS Basketball Season – COVID guidelines

Practices start:       Jan 4th

Games Start date:  Jan. 9th

Season end date:    March 14th

  • Leagues can play as many games during the season, between 12/19 and 3/14, as they want, but no games should be played before or after those dates.
  • Each league will be required to have all participating players and coaches fill out and submit their COVID health questions, to them, no earlier than 2 hours before game time.
  • All Participants within the gym will be required to wear masks at all times.
  • Practice times: coaches and players need to enter at the start of their practice times; no earlier to allow time for the other team to leave.  Once everyone is out from the first practice, everyone can enter for the next practice.  Not lingering in the gym after practices end.   
  • Each team should have no more than two assistant coaches.  Assistant coaches are part of the game day staff.
  • Game balls must be cleaned/wiped down before each game, at half time and after each quarter.  Leagues will be responsible for taking care of these cleanings and for providing the cleaning supplies to do so.    
  • Each team should provide their players with hand sanitizer which can be available at table entering/exiting facility and/or at scorer’s table for players entering and exiting games. 
  • For games, two chairs and a small table will be placed on the sideline for score keeper and clock operator.  Chairs, clock and score board controller must be cleaned/whipped down before and after each game. League will be responsible for providing cleaning materials and for facilitating these cleanings. 
  • Post-game line-ups between teams will not be permitted – no fist bumps or elbow taps. 
  • COVID guidelines will be followed in all Loudoun County school sites.  10 feet social distancing and masks will be required, at all times, by anyone not participating in athletic competition; this includes all spectators, coaches and any player entering and exiting the facility.  Any player, while sitting on the bench during and between games is required to wear a mask.  Spectators are required to wear masks at all times unless they have documented medical clearance.
  • Only one parent/guardian permitted to accompany each player at elementary, middle and high school sites for games and practices per Governor’s orders. 
  • Parents/leagues will be permitted to livestream games if they choose to do so.
  • On game days at all elementary and middle school sites, doors will remain locked until 15 minutes before game time.  Facility Supervisors will sit at doors and monitor players and spectators entering the school.  Facility Supervisors will police the doors and be responsible for enforcing the one player/one spectator guideline.  Doors will remain unlocked until 10 minutes after game start time, at which time doors will be locked and no one will be permitted to enter the school until before the start of the next game.
  • Situations where players are running late to games or need to enter the building after doors have been locked will be dealt with on a case by case situation and will need to be discussed with Facility Supervisor on duty.
  • Once game has finished and everyone from the gym has left the school, the next group of players, coaches and spectators for the next game will be permitted to enter.  If games run long everyone waiting for the next game will have to continue to wait outside until the current game concludes and everyone leaves.  Games at middle school sites going on in the main and aux gym:  when a game finishes in one gym and everyone from that gym leaves the building, everyone that needs to enter for that specific gym can enter the school while players, coaches and spectators for the other gyms stay outside until the game in that gym finishes. 
  • Facility supervisors will NOT police doors at high school sites as it would be more difficult to do so at these sites.  Team coaches will help enforce the one spectator per player guideline at high schools.  Facility Supervisors will perform a headcount of spectators before each game.  If headcount exceeds 25 spectators, game will not start until the number of spectators is 25 or less.
  • No bleachers will be pulled out or used during games or practices. Spectators will be permitted to bring their own, scratchless bottom, chairs to sit in.  All spectators must remain 10 feet apart from other spectators at all times unless they are from the same family (two kids on the same team from the same family).  Any team that has more than 12 players needs to decide how many spectators will be allowed from that team. 
  • A very limited number of chairs will be put out for games if leagues will commit to wiping them down after each game.  All players will be required to sit 6 feet apart which will restrict the number of chairs that can be placed on a sideline. 
  • Spectators will not be permitted to exit and enter the school repeatedly.  Once they enter they must stay or they will not be permitted to return.
  • Games will be scheduled with time in between so that one game can end and all players, spectators and coaches can leave before people from the next game can enter.  All game personnel will enter one door and exit another one.
  • Bathrooms will not be cleaned by PRCS staff.  PRCS Staff will only continue to perform their regular, required light cleaning of restrooms and other cleaning duties such as sweeping floors and emptying trash cans.  League personnel can use bathrooms at their own risk. 
  •       We will ask each team to designate one parent to be responsible for assuring all players have conducted their health check 2 hours prior to the game as well as coordinating all information to the team regarding COVID Changes, and health reporting.