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UpdatedThursday October 29, 2020 byRandy James.

Dear WLBL Parent,


The WLBL 2020 Skills & Drills Clinics are starting on November 7th.

Below you will find the options for your athletes.  Make sure you reserve your spot for the session as indicated.

We will be taking several new precautions due to Covid concerns and guidelines set forth by the Virginia governor.

Please Read All:

  1. No parents will be allowed within the gyms. Only volunteers that have been participated in the Skills & Drills process will be allowed to assist.  If you are a Coach and have not contacted (and have had dialogue/approval granted) with Randy James, David Thornton, or Stephen Renner you will also not be allowed within the gyms.
  2. Please Choose up to one (1) time slot for each week.  Attendance is voluntary, not required to hold your spot for the season.  Middle School players interested in travel must attend at least one session.
  3. Please show between 5 - 10 minutes prior to your selected time slot.
  4. The clinics will take roughly 55 minutes once your athlete inside the facility.
  5. There will be a separate drop off(entrance) and pick up(exit) spot at this years evaluation. A map will be provided.
  6. Please DO NOT bring a basketball.
  7. Please bring a water bottle that has their initials on it. I will need to stay with them at all times.


Request your time slot below by clicking the link:


Blue Ridge Middle School (Nov 7th) and Harmony Middle School (Nov 14th & 21st)


Ken Culbert ES

We appreciate your patience and support while we work with  your athlete.

Any Questions or Concerns, please contact WLBL President, Randy James, .