2020 Season

UpdatedThursday August 27, 2020 byRandy James.

WLBL Community

To bring you up to speed on the status of the Community Basketball league serving Western Loudoun County.

First and foremost our registration is open.

We are taking registrations at this time - $25/player through Sept to hold your spot and have each household commit to the revised season schedule and conditions of COVID at this time.

Our intent for play this season is to conduct our registration in three segments.

  • First - Hold your spot registration of $25 - To obtain interest level and Number of participants per age/grade.
  • Second - $50/player to participate in skills and drill workouts in November and December.  We will also have mandatory assessment dates during this time to enable us to place players on teams.  Any player wanting to games must attend at least one of the mandatory assessments (dates for these will be in early December -TBD).
  • The Third registration will be $60 for 6 games to be conducted in Jan/Feb time frames. - This will be dependent upon PRCS, VHSL and Loudoun County permitting us in conducting games.
  • Note: You will not be allowed to participate in games unless you pay all three fees and come to official assessments (during skills & drills).
  • Middle School/Travel Team Participants should register as normal house participants at this time.  After additional info from the county we will update our Middle School/Travel team goals.
  • For Coaches; Please feel free to register to coach as previous.  We will be asking for some help in Nov & Dec to assist us overall.  We will also be selecting the house teams in middle/late December with the help of our assessments based system.

Registration will be cut off on October 1 and we will not allow any late registrations.

Regarding COVID considerations and precautions:

  • We will be following Loudoun County and PRCS guidelines for social distancing and the cleaning of all facilities during Skills/Drills & Games.
  • We will limit the number of players per team
  • We will limit the number of teams per gym - reducing practices and participation to 1/2 capacity in each gym.
  • We will limit the number of spectators per game
  • No Spectators within Gyms during skills & Drills
  • We will have transition times set up between any event to allow complete cleanup of gym area and the ability to have spectators leave after their specified game.

Lastly; regarding Travel/Middle School league participation:  We are still working with the county and the other leagues to determine our ability to conduct the County Wide Middle School league this year.  More to come on this later.

Thank you always and we appreciate your patience.